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The Parkgate Podiatry Practice offers a wide variety of treatments, many of which can be undertaken within a single appointment. In some cases however, in order to achieve an effective outcome depending on the condition presented, we may recommend a treatment plan with appointments spread over a period of days, weeks or months. In all cases, our fees are calculated in accordance with the recommended treatment plan and are quoted in writing, prior to treatment commencing, so there are no hidden charges.

The Parkgate Podiatry Practice is approved by both the Westfield Health Scheme and Simply Health Cashplan.

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Please note that fees are payable at the time of consultation. Payment can be made either in cash or by credit/debit card.

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Listed below is a guide to our Standard Fees, which are correct as of March 2022.

Standard Fees

  • New Patient Consultation - 35.00
    For patients who are new to the clinic a 30 minute appointment comprising a full assessment with medical history and a full treatment.

  • Full treatment - from 30.00
    Toenails trimmed and filed, callus and corn removal, skin filed and buffed followed by a relaxing foot cream application. Advice given on ongoing care and appropriate footwear. (30 mins approx).

  • Wax Bath Therapy- from 30.00
    Conditions which benefit include, chilblains, arthritis, bursitis, eczema, psoriasis, stiff joints, inflammaton, tendinitis, sports injuries and poor circulation. (30 mins approx).

  • Medi-pedi - 56.00
    A medical pedicure including a full treatment with the added benefit of a foot mask and foot massage plus Dr's Remedy nail polish application. (60 mins approx).

  • Prende Warm Wax Therapy - 35.00
    Paraffin warm wax therapy increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and increases hydration to the skin. Applied via a brush crom individual pods of wax this offers a hygenic beautiful experience. Conditions which benefit include, chilblains, arthritis, bursitis, eczema, psoriasis, stiff joints, inflammaton, tendinitis, sports injuries and poor circulation. (30 mins approx).

  • Laser Treatment - from 55.00
    Two session treatment to relieve conditions including Planter Fascitis and Mortons Neuroma.

  • Clearanail Method for fungal nail treatment - 15 per toe as part of a full treatment
    As fungal infection is sited below the nail, the success of topical treatments is limited. The Clearanail Method involves painlessly drilling tiny holes in the nail plate which allows the Lamisil spray to reach the affected fungal area directly helping to eradicate it.

  • Lamisil spray - from 7.50

  • Cosmetic nail reconstruction - 35.00
    Treating unslightly or missing toenails, an artificial toenail is constructed using LCN which can last up to 6 weeks.

  • Fungal Nail Test - 28.00
    A quick 5 minute test to determine if your nails have fungal infection.

  • Dr's Remedy Nail Polish - 11.00
    15g bottle - various shades for use at home.

  • Biomechanical assessment and gait analysis - 51.00
    For gait problems and insole assessment. Insole cost on assessment.

  • Nail Surgery - price on assessment
    Surgical removal of ingrown toe nails under local anaesthetic.

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Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

Health Professional Council

Westfield Health Scheme

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Full Accreditation

Our principal podiatrists are members of the Royal College of Podiatry and are registered with the Health Professions Council.
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The Parkgate Podiatry Practice is approved by the Westfield Health Scheme and the Simplyhealth Cash Plan (formerly known as HSA).
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